Common School Board Issues

All education districts have their problems. Concerned parents and citizens run for school board as a way to improve or solve existing issues. Below are common themes that voters may find as issues in a school board election.

  • Budget issues and the district’s operating expense.
  • Student discipline. This can include bullying and school violence problems that face teachers and students.
  • School overcrowding/number of students per classroom.
  • Bond measures and local option levies for facilities and operations
  • Student achievement and testing standards.
  • Teacher shortages.
  • Bullying and school violence are problems facing teachers and students each day.
  • Safety measures, including student expulsion practices and the presence of local law enforcement officers.
  • Approving curriculum materials. This may include censorship and banned books.
  • Closing or constructing schools.
  • Testing criteria for students.
  • Collective bargaining for district employees.
  • School district consolidation due to budget challenges.
  • Transportation systems, including busing.
  • Getting community input on issues.

You can use one or two issues for your campaign. If the issue is large enough, you may be able to use it (and your position) as your campaign theme.

What issues have been important to your district?