School Board Election Slogans

School Board Candidate SlogansMarketing your school board campaign is essential to get your ideas to the voters. Your slogan can be something as simple as ‘Jones for School Board’ or something that encompasses a major issue. Your campaign slogan should be used on your campaign website and in all of your campaign literature, including flyers, door hangers, yard signs and brochures.

Here are a few campaign slogans for school board elections:

  • A Better School For A Better Tomorrow
  • Stop Violence in Our Schools
  • Working for a Better Classroom
  • Putting Students First
  • Strong on Education
  • Restore our School District

There are other places online to find school board slogan ideas:

Be careful about being too clever with your slogan and messaging, as you may end up confusing voters. Many participants in school board election are ‘low information voters’. They tend to vote one way or another consistently and may actually make their selection for a school board member just on a familiar name.

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