New Website Launched to Help School Board Candidates

School board members comprise the largest number of elected officials in the United States. They help determine and vote on school policies and procedures. They establish school budgets, set student performance standards, and create conditions that improve the educational foundation of the District. In most places, however, before someone can sit on a school board, they must be elected to the position.

Many concerned parents and citizens run for school board as a way to improve or solve existing school issues. Running for school board is one way for them to participate in the process. To help candidates in their elections, a new website,, has been launched to share information about running for school board and the campaign process.

The costs of school board campaigns have risen in recent years. Even smaller district races now cost thousands of dollars. Advertising and printing costs comprise a large portion of a campaign budget. Whether the campaign is self-funded or grassroots campaigns, raising funds is more important than ever.

The new website contains articles covering subjects such as why run for school board, eligibility requirements, common election issues, educational resources and more. The site also focuses on online strategies, including creating and using campaign websites, social media and online fundraising. is designed and owned by Daley Professional Web Solutions, who operates the political web design service,


Since 2004, Online Candidate has provided political website design packages. Each package includes a domain name and hosting, along with a content management system that allows for easy content addition and updates. Built-in tools allow campaigns to recruit supporters, raise funds, add events, upload files, create contact forms, build an e-mail list and more.

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